Welcome to Textbooks and Tutus

Hello everyone and welcome to Textbooks and Tutus-
The interactive blog where YOU have the ability to ask any and all of the questions you want answered and suggest topics you would like to hear more about within the dance industry!

As a young dancer I had no insight into the world of a professional ballerina or dancer until around the age of 16. To be honest, I had no idea that I could take my dream and turn it into a reality! I was fortunate enough that when I finally decided a career in ballet was for me I had enough training behind me to be able to head down that avenue. Looking back on those years I often wish there was someone I could approach with all of my questions about a professional career in dance- you know, all of those little what, how’s and when’s. I want to provide that accessible platform for YOU and help mentor you to achieve your dreams!

Textbooks and Tutus is a way to bridge the gap between the knowledge professionals in the industry have and all of those burning questions students and parents may have about a future in dance and the performing arts. Let me give you a tip now- it is all possible! Whether you have questions about managing study load and ballet classes (which I currently am myself!), are having trouble with confidence at competitions and need advice on how to deal with the pressures of performing or are even low in energy as you are doing so much and want advice on how to turn this around- I want to hear from you and help provide answers to the best of my abilities!

So here it is- Textbooks and Tutus! I don’t profess to know it all or have all of the answers (and I am certainly not a writer) but this blog is about sharing my experiences and giving the best advice I have on a wide range of topics!

Can you think of any questions you would like to ask?
No questions are too small or silly!
I will select one question as often as possible to answer via the blog and also share fun related images and posts on Instagram.

If you have a question email:
or direct message through to:
@textbookstutus (no ‘and’ in the Instagram name!)
(Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram!)

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon and helping you all on your individual journeys!

So lets get started!

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