“Roughly how Much Does A Professional Ballerina Get Paid?”

"Roughly how much does a professional ballerina get paid? And do some have another job as well as dancing?" Thank you to Textbooks and Tutus friend Lucia for this great question! It is actually quite tricky to answer these, as so many different variables have to be taken into account! Most young dancer's have dreams … Continue reading “Roughly how Much Does A Professional Ballerina Get Paid?”


Study Break Exercises

Do you get extremely tight muscles and joints after sitting for hours on end trying to complete school assignments and weekly content/ homework? I know I certainly do! This can result in headaches, sore joints and tight muscles for me and can impact the productivity of my study. There is also a lot of science … Continue reading Study Break Exercises

Mia’s Chocolate Treats (For those with a sweet tooth! Please remember to eat in moderation!) Ingredients: ¾ Cup of mixed nuts (or nuts of your choice) processed ¼ Cup flaxseed meal (or processed sunflower seeds and pepita’s) 1 Heaped Tbsp raw cacao powder ¼ Cup whey protein powder (or non-flavoured protein powder of your choice) … Continue reading